Jarvis Humby - ASSUME THE POSITION, IT'S... (Full Album Download)

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01 We Say Yeah!
02 These Eyes
03 99 Steps To The Sun
04 TV 200
05 Vampyros Hetros
06 Oh Baby (I Believe I'm Losing You)
07 Badger
08 Blackcat
09 Let Me Take You There
10 The 4th Man
11 Formaldehyde
12 Ain't No Friend Of Mine
13 Majestic 12
14 Man With The X-Ray Eyes (Silver Surfer)
"Hundreds of bands try to do the same thing as Jarvis Humby: soul-soaked, British-invasion style rock `n' roll, replete with Hammond organ and rolling basslines. Unlike most of those other bands, Jarvis Humby hits every note on all cylinders...." - Newcity Chicago; ".they have internalized the ethos,heart and soul of a '60 garage band. With too many poseur garage bands littering the music scene, it's a treat to hear the real deal, baby. " - PopMatters.com
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