The Chesterfield Kings - LIVE ONSTAGE... IF YOU WANT IT (Full Album Download)

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01 Up and Down
02 Sunrise (Turn On)
03 Transparent Life
04 Non-entity
05 Flashback
06 Dawn
07 I Don't Understand
08 Gone
09 Sing Me Back Home
10 Drunkhouse
11 Stayed Too Long
12 Johnny Volume
13 Outtasite!
14 I Walk In Darkness
15 Rock 'n' Roll Murder
16 I'm So Confused
“They continue to set the standard for every other modern live band”‘ -Little Steven Van Zandt As leaders of the modern garage rock movement, The Chesterfield Kings deliver a sensory experience of psychedelic sight and sound that has earned them legions of fans worldwide. The band's live shows are known to capture the pure essence of rock and roll. This is the band’s FIRST live album Featuring sixteen brilliant tracks, Live Onstage...if you want it was recorded during November 2008 in Rochester, NY, as part of special public television project called OnStage. There are electric and acoustic cuts from both Wicked Cool albums (Psychedelic Sunrise and Mindbending Sounds…), plus a stunning cover of Merle Haggard’s classic “Sing Me Back Home. Live Onstage... is available on LP/CD/DVD and CD/DVD. Mixed by Ed Stasium (Mick Jagger, The Ramones, The Talking Heads, Joan Jett, Nada Surf). Mastered by Dave McNair (Los Lobos, Jimmie Vaughn, The Mavericks, Buddy Guy).
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