The Coolest Songs In The World! Vol. 2 (Full Album Download)

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01 Joey Ramone- "Maria Bartiromo"
02 The High Dials - "I Am The Eye"
03 Cocktail Slippers - "Rock and Roll
04 Buzzcocks - "Sick City Sometimes"
05 The Grip Weeds - "Love's Lost On You"
06 Ten High - "Mindreader"
07 The Chevelles - "C'mon Everybody"
08 The Rattlers - "What Keeps Your Heart Beatin'?"
09 The Donnas - "Take It Off"
10 The Soundtrack of Our Lives - "Sister Surround"
11 The Raveonettes - "That Great Love Sound"
12 The Contrast - "Mystery #1"
13 Sugar Shack - "Form A Straight Line"
14 The Crybabies - "Fool of Me"
15 Outrageous Cherry - "Girl You Have Magic Inside of You"
16 The Stems - "She's Fine"
“Our second volume of Coolest Songs begins in New York with Joey Ramone's unforgettable tribute to the Mistress of Moolah and ends up in Perth dealing with Dom Mariani's version of Australian blue balls. In between we hit Canada, Norway, England, Sweden, and, most exotic of all, New Jersey. Not to mention Boston, Austin, L.A., and no Coolest Song tour could possibly be cool without a Detroit stop….” – Little Steven, NYC April ‘07
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