The Coolest Songs In The World! Vol. 4 (Full Album Download)

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01 New York Dolls -
02 The Red Button -
03 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts -
04 Dave Davies -
05 The Fuzztones -
06 Catfight! -
07 The Flaming Sideburns -
08 The Breakers -
09 The Hives -
10 The Model Rockets -
11 The Vacancies -
12 The Apples in Stereo -
13 Kelly Osbourne -
14 Radio Birdman -
15 Gluecifer -
16 The Yardbirds -
“Chapter 4 finds us giddy with the embarrassing riches of legends, legends, and more legends, past, present, and future, and sometimes all three at once. The International Solidarity of the Contemporary Garage Rock Movement is on display here as half the tracks are from the States and half not, England, Sweden, Australia, Finland, Denmark, and Norway all represented….So off we go with our fourth collection of Coolest Songs and just like Ed Sullivan, we have something for every family member. We open and close with reborn mythology, receive a rare and honored visit from the Princess of Punk Joan Jett and her pirate hitmen, celebrate a rare solo classic from Dave Davies, (half of the brothers that invented the hard rock riff with vocals, Link Wray's razor blade led the way instrumental-wise), and speaking of Mamie we've got a very cool tribute to the Queen of B's, and we even found the Hives track we misplaced last time. In other words nothing but Sex! Dance! Fuzz! Everything a growing freak needs. The party continues.” - Little Steven NYC Aug '07
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