The Coolest Songs In The World! Vol. 5 (Full Album Download)

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01 The Hentchmen -
02 The Hellacopters -
03 Butch Walker and the Lets Go Out Tonites -
04 The Dollyrots -
05 Cheap Trick -
06 The Len Price 3 -
07 The Pipettes -
08 The Apers -
09 The Satelliters -
10 Black Tie Revue -
11 Hell On Heels -
12 Roy Loney and the Longshots -
13 The Raconteurs -
14 The Launderettes -
15 The Saints -
16 Jimmy Jukebox -
Run for your lives! It’s Volume 5 of ‘Little Steven’s Underground Garage Presents The Coolest Songs In The World!’ as Little Steven spotlights the women of Garage Rock (The Dollyrots, The Pipettes, The Launderettes, and Hell on Heels). “…We've got plenty of distractions to help you screw up those final test scores don't worry! Hentchmen, Hellacopters, Satelliters, and Cheap Tricks abound. Girl Groups of course from Phoenix to London to Oslo but I wouldn't ask them to do the laundry if I were you. We've even got a Glam Pop double play with Butch Walker and Jimmy Jukebox, now that's a tour I want to see. And we've even got a blessing from Saint Christopher who's got a surprise for you from down under. Hold on tight luv. It's going to be an icky thumpy ride!” – Little Steven, NYC Feb ‘08
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