The Coolest Songs In The World! Vol. 7 (Ful Album Download)

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01 Primal Scream - “Dolls”
02 R.E.M. - “All The Right Friends”
03 The Doughboys - “Black Sheep”
04 Foxboro Hot Tubs - “Mother Mary”
05 Big Midnight -
06 John Fogerty - “Longshot”
07 Kaiser Chiefs - “I Predict A Riot”
08 Hawaii Mud Bombers -
09 Elvis Costello and the Imposters - American Gangster Time
10 The Pigeon Detectives - “I Found Out”
11 Rocket from the Crypt - “Heart Of A Rat”
12 The Catholic Girls - “Rock‘n America”
13 The Mother Truckers - “Streets Of Atlanta”
14 Flogging Molly - “Requiem For A Dying Song”
15 Mudcrutch - “Shady Grove”
“The Rock and Roll dance party continues with Chapter 7 and like usual we've got a little bit of everything thats cool. We start with Swedish Surf Rock (Hawaii Mud Bombers) and Mother Truck (Streets of Atlanta) right through R.E.M.s neighborhood (All The Right Friends) all the way to a Shady Grove (Mudcrutch) where we get the singular pleasure of Flogging Molly(Requiem For A Dying Song). We've got the Dead But Never Better (Rocket From The Crypt) and Born Again But Never Nastier (The Doughboys) and you want born again? We''''ve got nothing less than Mother Mary herself (Foxboro Hot Tubs) and she brought along her own Catholic Girls (Rock‘n America), we've got Guys (Big Midnight), Dolls (Primal Scream), Gangsters (Elivis Costello), Pigeons (I Found Out), a Riot goin'on (Kaiser Chiefs) and a Longshot you'd bet on every time (John Fogerty). You can try having a party without this album blasting your bad luck into oblivion, but I wouldn't recommend it.” -Little Steven Van Zandt
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