The Woggles - TEMPO TANTRUM (Full Album Download)

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01 Tempo Tantrum
02 Los Angeles No Niseimaturi
03 The Elbow Twist
04 Valleri
05 Bullfrog
06 Sweet Tea
07 On The Move
08 The Kingdom Of Nye
09 Theme From TheVindicator
10 Flash Flood
11 Mr Pepermint
12 El Toro
“Throwing a summer beach blanket bikini party? Well here's the soundtrack! The Woggles! Naked and Instrumental!” ­- Little Steven. Tempo Tantrum is a compilation of The Woggles’ coolest instrumentals. The band carefully amassed their favorites from both their early material and newer recordings (with the Flesh Hammer as lead string bender). The collection also includes rare and unreleased tracks. ­ “For two decades, the Woggles have marched forth from Georgia like Sherman in reverse, leveling nightclubs with their hip-shaking, Windshield-steaming garage rock fusillade.” – Greg Beets, Austin Chronicle
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